Movie Night IX: Daylight Savings Strikes Back

Seriously, fuck you daylight savings. Anyway…

Prisoners (2013)prisonersAnother Denis Villeneuve film. This one is a very David Fincher feeling thriller about a kidnapping mystery. Really keeps you guessing. I’m surprised I haven’t heard about this before now, it was really good. Villeneuve is definitely someone to keep an eye on.

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Movie Night VIII: Movie Night Double Feature

Oops forgot to post the one last week so here’s two…

Come Back To Me (2014)
comebacktomeAt first, and from the description, this seems like just a predictable movie about some weird kid who may be secretly drugging and raping his new neighbor because she reminds him of mom and…actually, no, that’s pretty much it. They add a supernatural twist to switch it up, but other than that it’s exactly what it seems to be. Super predictable, but it was still decent and sufficiently disturbing I guess.

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Movie Night V: The Moviening

Ok, this is going to sound crazy, but hear me out…

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (1999) “Anti-Cheese Edit”phantommenaceI haven’t seen this for 15 years or so. Not since a friend gave me his VHS copy in disgust, which I watched, and then ejected and smashed on the floor, never to be seen again. All the recent Star Wars mania got me thinking though. I had heard that there were edited versions of the prequel trilogies, but never bothered to check them out.

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Movie Night IV: Son of Movie Night

Star Wars: A New Hope Despecialized (1977)starwarsMan, I don’t even remember the last time I watched these. Saw them so many times back in the day that I got kind of burnt out on them. If you haven’t heard about these Despecialized versions yet, they’re high end fan edits of the original movies in near high definition, but minus all the fuckin awful special edition additions. These are the highest quality versions of the original unaltered trilogy there are. While the effects in this one are noticeably weaker than the sequels it still holds up pretty well for how old it is. There are some minor issues that is completely forgotten about like Luke being so whiny, Leia having a bad British accent for some reason, and an embarrassingly bad Obi Wan/Vader light saber fight, but it’s still a fun movie overall.

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Movie Night III: The Revenge

Of Unknown Origin (1983)MV5BMTMxMTU4ODM3MV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMzc1MTAwMQ@@._V1__SX1537_SY713_A lesser known movie from George Cosmatos, the director of Cobra, Rambo 2, Tombstone, and Leviathan, where Peter Weller fights…a rat. Not a supernaturally large or mutated rat. Just…a rat that I guess is an unbelievable overachiever that starts doing increasingly ridiculous things to Peter Weller. First it somehow kills a cat that was brought in to defeat it, then it somehow finds and chews up a check that some exterminators were meant to receive to come deal with it, then it even chews up Peter Weller’s important work presentation out of nothing but spite. It’s not the greatest movie ever. It’s more of a drama/thriller than straight-up horror, really, but it’s still better than the average man vs. evil animal B-movie.

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Movie Night II: The Sequel

Circle (2015)circle

This was surprisingly good. Ironically, it’s reminiscent of Cube. It’s a super low budget sci-fi movie with a mysterious premise that all takes place in one room. A room where 50 people suddenly wake to find themselves held captive, stuck standing in a strange circle, and quickly find that one of them is automatically executed every minute or two. They quickly realize that they have the option of voting for who dies next and that only one of them is going to live through this so the whole movie is basically just a long conversation about who should live and who should die, which sounds boring in theory, but they actually pull it off really well. The acting and the writing kept me interested the whole time. I recommend checking it out.

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