Now Playing: VR Worlds (2016)

VR Worlds is basically a collection of tech demos, showcasing what Playstation VR is capable of. These are all very short, very limited games, but the majority of them were actually surprisingly fun and well made.

First there is Scavenger’s Odyssey, which is a space shooter that had a kind of Metroid Prime feel to it. It’s only about 2 hours long, but it’s ridiculously fun and nice looking while it lasts. The end sets things up for some kind of sequel. I’d buy it.

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The Vita Report


First time (successfully) playing an Oddworld game. It was pretty fun. The way you could keep missing prisoners, who would all die if you moved on without them, always put me off in the past. I never knew about those little trap doors, or that there were some pits you could jump down into for secret areas instead of instant death, or that you can use your chant to possess enemies, which the game waits way too long to tell you about for some reason. Yeah, things could have been explained a little better and this particular version of the game is a bit glitchy (many glitches, freezes, and the weird inability to use any of the other usually acceptable programs while it was in use), but still mostly good in that Out Of This World kind of way.

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Now Playing: Wing Commander IV (1996)

After the success of Wing Commander III, Chris Roberts and crew apparently got a much larger budget for IV. The frequency and scope of the cutscenes increased quite a bit, with the actors even performing on actual physical sets instead of being pasted on cg backgrounds. Apparently there was a rare, special DVD version back in the day too, for the ten people who had DVD-roms on their PCs back in ’96. It was interesting to see all the ultra-90s design and effects in “high quality”.

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Pint N’ Play #009

Not my favorite episode. Mostly disappointment and frustration due to bad and/or broken games and one insanely difficult one at the end that managed to defeat me. Oh wellllll.

Edit: even worse of an episode, because I have instantly received multiple copyright claims on Youtube over the music in the game Undercover Cops, so I guess no one will actually be watching this until that is resolved by them dropping these claims or me editing those exact 3 minutes or so out so no one can STEAL THE UNDERCOVER COPS SONGS, which must be a big problem overseas, I’m sure. I may just have to avoid playing any more Irem games in these in the future if this is going to be an issue *shrug*. We’ll see.

Edit edit: Victory. Or really, it looks like this whole dispute was just some automatically generated response that no one actually gave a shit about. No one ever replied so I won by default. I guess maybe they win in the end, because if I have to go through this bullshit every time I want to include an Irem game in a video, it’d be easier to just not play them. On the other hand, is it not I who have won? Because honestly, Undercover Cops was a shit game and I’m probably better off not playing more like it.

Games played this time: Gunforce 2, Undercover Cops, Ikari Warriors, Victory Road (Ikari Warriors 2), and X-Multiply.